Public Solicitation Public Solicitation

Solicitation from the public is being carried out for research themes focusing on radiation exposure, a concern common to all humankind in the 21st century.

This center was established in FY2016 by a coalition of three research institutes – the Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine at Hiroshima University, the Atomic Bomb Disease Institute at Nagasaki University, and the Fukushima Global Medical Science Center at Fukushima Medical University – to respond to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident within an academic framework, to establish an academic foundation for advanced and integrated radiation disaster and medical science research, and to offer the results of the research to the residents of the country and the international community.
This center jointly launches an open call for research projects to promote collaborative research of radiation effect and related sciences.

Research category

Projects responding to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident
  1. Research on low-dose and low-dose rate radiation effects
  2. Development of diagnostic and treatment methods for internal radiation exposure
  3. Research and development of radiation-protective drugs
  4. Research on risk communication regarding radiation disasters
Other important projects
  1. Research on the molecular mechanisms of genomic damage and repair
  2. Research on mechanisms of radiation carcinogenesis and development of cancer treatment
  3. Basic research on development of medical care for radiation disasters
  4. Basic research on regenerative medicine approaches to improve radiation treatment
  5. Evaluative research on health effects and health risks associated with radiation disasters
  6. Application of radioisotopes to medical diagnosis and treatment
  7. Medical radiation research
Open-topic projects
Joint research based on original ideas of the applicant(s) that utilizes the facilities,equipment and materials of the center and is aimed at the comprehensive development of radiation disaster medical science.